Sewing Machine Operator

Sewing Machine Operations involves stitching of components of garments together using a sewing machine. The role of a sewing machine operator is very critical to the industry as it enhances the quality of the product.

Sampling Tailor

A sampling tailor is responsible for developing garment sample as per buyer’s specifications in the apparel industry. This job requires the individual to have thorough knowledge of measurements, garment styles, sampling & apparel production processes and should be able to sew garments with different materials & trims.

Fashion Designer

A Fashion Designer should have the skills and knowledge to develop fashion design briefs and manage the development of design concepts for commercial production. A designer should be up to date with emerging fashion trends, as well as general trends relating to fabrics, colours and shapes. He/she should also have good communication skills, good sense of aesthetics, sound knowledge of sewing and pattern making.

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